4 Queue Management Solutions

Ask a retailer to choose between a mobile point-of-sale or queue sensor and the likely answer is mobile. The reason is simple. A mobile device is a tool that speeds and adds convenience to the checkout. A queue management system is passive. It measures, monitors, and predicts queue behaviors. Amazon Go tries to do it […]

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5 Steps to Data Accuracy

Accuracy is the single most important attribute in data. Many retailers and solution providers rely of on a simplified Accuracy Rate. But with the advent of the variety of tracking technologies, we need to design a better way. Here are the 5 steps to Good Enough Accuracy: Step 1: Start with the Business Purpose Accuracy […]

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Smartphone in your back pocket

3 Surprising Reasons to Deploy Beacons

With Beacons, retailers can directly connect with their customers. With Beacons, retailers can personalize their marketing promotions. With Beacons, retailers can bring the online shopping experience to the physical store. With Beacons, retailers can know where their customers are, in real-time. That’s the theory. Too bad, the Customers Opt-In Rate stubbornly stands at 3-5%. Meanwhile, […]

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Service Level Measurment

Service Level Measurement

How do we know if our schedule model works for the local store? How can we establish a data-based process of communication from corporate to stores? As a percentage, the Service Level Measurement captures the ability of each store to perform according to a corporate policy. In this four part series, we will learn how […]

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