In-Store Customer Journey

7 Actionable Analytics for In-Store Customer Journey

What is Actionable Analytics for the In-Store Customer Journey? The In-Store Customer Journey is quantified by (Anonymous) Tracking, and it includes the Path to Purchase (where), TouchPoints (what), and Buyers Behaviors (why). In 2018, tracking people in physical stores is (finally!) feasible Customer Experience is mapped by Location & Time (x,y positioning) of people in […]

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15 People Tracking Technologies in 2018

People Tracking: 15 Technologies in 2018

What’s People Tracking Technology? People Tracking Technologies capture the Time and Location position of objects (in motion) to quantify store performance and analyze in-store (anonymous) customer behaviors. People Tracking includes detection, recognition, and predictive analytics of objects in motion. The complexity depends on the location of objects (i.e. store or street), the dimension of objects […]

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Mall Analytics [Inforgraphics 2018]

Mall Analytics [2018 Infographic]

What is Mall Analytics? Shopping Mall Analytics measure the quality of relationships between the mall and store. By tracking the customers, we know where, and how long, shoppers stay in the mall. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are Foot Traffic Counts, Proximity Traffic, and Capture Rate. Retailers lease stores in malls because they expect sales […]

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Concept Stores in Physical Retail

3 Concept Stores in New York City

As retailers celebrate the end of a strong holiday season, we toured a freezing but beautiful New York. Three retailers stood out with their new concept stores. They mastered the trends of Unified Commerce, Customer Experience, and Customer Loyalty. The Unified Commerce of Rebecca Minkoff Students play with smart mirrors at the Rebecca Minkoff store […]

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