InStore Conversions

Calls To Action in Physical Stores

Calls To Action (CTA) are well defined concepts in the digital world. Not so in Physical Stores. Too many retailers don’t measure even the KPI of Sales Conversion. Regardless, Calls to Action do exist in stores. That’s because Conversion measures an outcome. In Optimization, we differentiate between the elements of Engagement (what customers do) and […]

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Analytics of Customer Journey in Physical Stores

Customer Engagement: Analytics of Customer Journey in Physical Stores

How do you quantify Customer Engagement in Physical Stores? In Marketing, the analytics of Customer Engagement are well-known. Successful online marketers mastered the metrics of the Customer’s Journey. In Optimization of Physical Stores, we measure Customer Engagement by capturing behaviors. In social media, we can quantify emotions based on facial recognition. We paint customer sentiments […]

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Behavior Science

Why Care About Behavior Science?

Our goal is to optimize conversions in the Customer’s Journey. Our focus is the path from entry to exiting the physical store. To test the impact of optimization techniques such as product positioning or in-store marketing, we need data. With data from tracking technologies, we quantify customers’ activities by location, time, and social interaction. What […]

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InStore Time Metrics

9 InStore Time Metrics to Master

What Are InStore Time Metrics? Here’s a secret in Location Analytics. You cannot optimize the physical store without Time Metrics! Retailers often use Time-Based metrics in evaluating payroll costs. With the emergence of People Tracking Technologies, our attention turned to customer engagement. Time Metrics have value beyond Video Analytics, WiFi Tracking, and other technologies. As […]

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